Mm mm… humidity

Being back in Virginia for the summer has been nostalgic. Compared to the dry heat of Arizona, I describe this hot air as almost being chewable. Seriously, it’s that thick. But I’ve missed it! Being hit with the sweltering summer air, has brought back memories of really great times spent in swimming pools and water parks. ^^

I started off the summer in Richmond with my brother’s wedding reception. And I can now say it really feels as though I have a SISTER! ^^ crazy! & pretty sweet! It was really good having both of them here, though the time was short. They are both amazing cooks, so I was well fed and loved getting to enjoy their company. … But it is sort of weird…  My brother is married! And  it still is a thought that may come as a shock to me and others,  due to his childlike persona and/or his goofy side that I can’t dissociate with my brother. It’s definitely a change.  I have always heard in Asian cultures that, in your parent’s eyes, you don’t stop being children until you’re married. And now that he has left, the house does feel emptier. Even more so than when he left for college a year before I did.  And the feeling/ “puhoo nee gee” (in korean) in the house from my parents and other family is very much like “HE’S really  GONE?” … ::sigh::  But as I know this,  I am very happy for him. And I’m confident that he will be well taken care of by his new bride. 😉  (miss you guys lotz!)

Their  sideshow! — a beautiful Chicago wedding.

Like experiencing the very different weather climate of VA, I think changing environments are something that I am learning to take into stride in this season of life. Being in Virginia for the summer, moving out to San Diego in the fall and starting up a new life in a new place.  Makes me ask the question…  how does one move forward? especially without forgetting and loving the people where you were before?  I think this humidity that is hard to swallow feels similar to the present “changes” that have been initially hard to digest. I’ve never been good with change… 😦

I wish I had something to share that I have experienced in overcoming these changes. But this is where I am at the present. And who ever said change was easy or pleasant? But in conclusion,  trying to take a lesson from this humidity (that’s growing on me… again)  I’m seeing that the uncertainty of the unfamiliar is a thing to be embraced and often it is only when one looks back that one sees what was truly amazing in what was experienced. … so till then.  tchua!


2 Responses to “Mm mm… humidity”

  1. 1 queenbae:) July 8, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    simply put–change sucks.
    i am never good w/change either.

    but with change comes growth.
    i am so happy for you and know that your time in USD (i keep getting the initials wrong…USDC?) will be a good one, a really good one.

    i can’t believe david ro is married and all grown.
    it makes me happy and sad:(
    i wish i coulda been there!

    it’s always good to see you and i hope to see your pretty face again in december.
    TONS of love your way,

    ps: take your parents to mamazu’s and get that zuppa di pesce! i bet your dad will really like it.

  2. 2 Amy July 8, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    About the change… I understand. 🙂

    Your sister-in-law has really pretty dimples! And you and your mom look gorgeous, as always.

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