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In the World

I don’t write poems very often, but I’ve found them to be a great way to try and express myself. In the past couple months I’ve found myself writing a few. So I thought I’d share one. 🙂

So on the subject of living in the world… Since college I have found myself always in a quandary concerning this topic. But again and again, I’ve found no better example than our Lord Jesus.

So…  a short poem on my oh so truncated meditations:


Living in the world, but

Teaching attachment to Himself.

Living for another Kingdom, but

Teaching to love others before self.

Once a King on His throne

Became a helpless babe.

Came to die, and die alone

Teaching to give your life away.

<Thoughts from John 15:13, Study in Mark>

(dedicated to Robert Park, a fellow Tucsonian, still in North Korea)