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It is the end of another semester. And there are so many things that I have been wanting to post, but haven’t gotten the chance. (or a maybe just not developed a discipline like some people I know… ) Well,  here are my thoughts on a very familiar topic lately :  Change

  • Change is not easy: normally painful, humbling, and reawakening of my need for God
  • Change is a fact of life – Like growing old.
  • Change is realizing your older, and birthday’s don’t excite you as much. And instead of remembering your exact age, it would be easier to say you’re a “twenty-something” ?
  • Change is a mark of Campus Ministry
  • Change is something I’m getting use to… because as they say during this time of life you are always in  ‘transition’. But it seems to me that transition is a part of every stage, just like change.

Our ministry is going through a lot change for next semester. Jason & Mandi Barbieri, the step-in directors for  this past fall semester,  finished with SIT and are awaiting the next step. Robin, my two year wing-woman, housemate and teammate will be taking a job in Pittsburgh, PA and being a witness for Him there (she’s so made for it! ;).

So next year, my staff team will drastically change.

One of the main things I’ve been having to realize is that every staff is a gift. Not a right, not forever, and never a must. But lately  God has been reminding me of Psalm 126:3  and its good to remember that it is the LORD that has done great things for us, and because He has, we are filled with JOY.

Jason, Mandi, and especially Robin — You guys are ‘great things’ in my life and each of you have left a permanent mark. And because of what He’s done and still doing in your lives I can be  filled with JOY! 🙂



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