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A friend and I were talking recently and this topic came up. So instead of the list of facebook’s 25 things… here is a simple list of some things that I personally think of to be “sweet” and have been true about my life lately.

1. Gummy sweets – Swedish fish, Welches Fruit snacks, Haribo gummy bears. 🙂

2. Enjoying the beauty of the sun setting behind the mountains here in Tucson.

3. Eating s’mores past 9:00pm because you don’t care about how bad it is for you, and the awesome conversations that ensue after all the sugar and messiness. 😉

4. Having a good cup of tea and reading the good book or any book, snuggled up in a chair.

5. Enjoy sweet desserts (going out to buy a pint of ice cream, having amazing combos that make a really great dessert called a pazookie) laughing together and just enjoying each other’s company for the sake of enjoying them! 😀

5. During the day, going on a hike with friends, taking in the gorgeous scenery, having meaningful conversations and getting a good work out! (even though it is walking at a slow pace … it’s EXERCISE nonetheless)

6. Being able to celebrate birthdays, joke about your age and admit that you’re in your mid-twenties and lovin’ it!!! 😉

7. Sharing a meal (miso soup, sushi, italian, and korean food… etc) and jamming into the Night with a friend. And of course singing songs from the heart and feeling free to not care about what you sound like. 🙂

8. Knowing that I am not a perfect lover of people, and others showing me grace and forgiveness, in spite of how many times I mess up.

9. Having an awesome group of people to work with that want more than be just apart of your “work life” but all your life. The mountain tops & the valleys, and all the rough spots in between.

10. My friend was asking me, how I am doing right now and I was reflecting on this a few days ago. But I think the main reason why this past year and a half has been so great is that the gospel has never been so sweet, since the day I gave my life to Christ. —– Though I don’t think it happens as consistently as it should, I’ve realized how important the gospel is for everyday life. And you may have heard the phrase- ‘preach the gospel to yourself’. But I honestly didn’t think that made much sense when I first heard it. Because I mean, how do you tell yourself something that is so radically different from the way the world thinks, something that your flesh just despises hearing in your fits of anger, anxiousness or self-pity or how do you tell yourself to leave everything in the world behind? And I realize recently that the power of it comes in the normal, daily things in life. As I’ve been in the midst of trying to figure out what I am doing next year, the gospel came like a sweet song in the night, a gift that a loving friend wants to give specifically to me. Telling me simply “be still, child” and know that I am in control. Before the cross, I don’t have to have everything figured out, or show others that I have everything put together. The beauty of the gospel of the cross is that it welcomes exactly those kinds of people. The weary, the broken, the incompetent the mourning, the sick and the outcast – to these Jesus said – “COME to me.” I love thinking in the morning that I can run to the lap of my father and lay all my broken pieces at His feet – and that’s when I experience the gospel. But ISN’T IT SO EASY TO NOT?? I get caught up and distracted in “doing” (even Q.T. ‘s or ‘good things’), and I forget to remember, and simply rest quietly in the arms of my Father. (Isaiah 30:15, depicts this well). The gospel …. yes, is sweet. And though that’s not even coming close to describing it, my hope this year, is to get to taste a little bit more of it’s sweetness each day.

There are my 10 sweet things about my life! (maybe i fudged the # a lil’) I also came to see that what makes life sweet is really not all the desserts and sugar; it’s the people that you share them with. 🙂 I truly thank God for so many of you in my life!

And here are recent pictures of some of them! Enjoy!



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