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Tucson is quite different from the cities I’ve lived in on the East Coast. There aren’t seasons and the beach within a couple hours drive ( I think I miss the fall season the most 😦 particularly the leaves). But there is something enchanting about the desert that puts you in awe. The land here can be flat for miles, but inescapable is also the view of mountain ranges that surround almost the entire city.

Now that the monsoon season is over, there are cloudless skies on most days and the sun literally beats down on you when you are exposed to its rays. It is true that the temperature is about 10 degrees cooler in the shade than in the direct sun. It takes time to get use to, but even the people of Arizona (with exception of the Northern Navajo area) choose not to change their clocks for daylight savings because they don’t feel the need for an extra hour of sunlight. 😉

Tucson Sunset A beautiful sunset in Tucson :O ( view from “A” mountain – really a hill )

But much like the sun that pierces the darkness and makes things seen, I am learning how our God is “One that sees.” To wrap my mind around the reality that He knows all my past, my present thoughts, my hearts’ desires and even the future that has yet to come has been comforting in such a new place. (Psalm 139) To be known and loved I believe are probably a desire within every person’s heart. And it is amazing to rediscover that God is one that fulfills that need of ours.

One of the most difficult struggles for me has been the colliding of life and ministry. It has had its joys and sorrows and this new stage of “life as ministry” has humbled me and made me aware of how I can be performance oriented. But by grace, this new awareness is making me depended on Him more and how I have a daily need for the gospel spoken into my life… my life is by His mercy. In the midst of this, the lines of the following song has been repeating in my mind.

Your Love is… “Deeper than my view of Grace, Higher than this worldly place, Longer than this road I travel, Wider than the gap you filled.”

Praise God that He is Sovereign! And that He lovingly disciplines. 🙂 I am in awe of all the dimensions than He is at work are beyond levels that we can comprehend.

Thank you for your prayers~





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